Blndspt Consulting is a Colorado-based software and design firm. We strategically blend decades of software experience with human-centered design to elevate our clients to the next level.

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Cloud Development

We consider ourselves the foremost experts in the world on cloud development.  We build automation with Iac and can build any app or workload you can imagine.


We have half a decade of experience in remediation changes for accessibility.


Experienced in building products in record time and can provide the extra power that your team requires.


With simulation modeling you can be confident that your decisions will make a difference.

Our Products

The Elevated Integration Platform

Our tools automate airports and airlines globally, years ahead of the curve.

Three android devices with the three main screens: app launch screen, scan barcode screen and passenger recognition and tag activation screen


Build CUSS 2.0 applications now with full backward compatibility.

Recent Articles

Blndspt Consulting Announces Partnership with Pulumi

Blndspt Consulting Announces Partnership with Pulumi

[Cloud Development] Blndpt partners with pulumi creating an iac-powered leviathanThis article announces the partnership of Blndspt Consulting with Pulumi to officially form what we consider to be the best combination of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) mastery in the...

Blndspt Completes AWS CDK Pluralsight Learning Path

Blndspt Completes AWS CDK Pluralsight Learning Path

[Cloud Development] Blndpt Releases AWS CDK Learning Path on Pluralsight 2020This article announces the release of the new Pluralsight AWS CDK TypeScript learning path conceived by Blndspt and contributed to (advanced course) by Scott Tate. --- In October of 2020, the...

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