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Engineering Excellence.  Onshore.

Blndspt has been in software consulting since 2007. We truly are the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in a development organization more commonly known as full stack development. While our list of services is very long, our very foundation is cast-iron-forged from decades of technical experience and engineering.

As our developers on staff have over 25 years in the software industry, Blndspt has learned that there is a time-based element to value.  As such, we aim to partner with our clients to build agile, phased approaches to launching any new or upgraded software initiative, ensuring that even early iterations can “get new software and content out the door”.  Fully onshore-based, whether you need one resource or 50, we can provide the fire power needed for any technology, at an level, at virtually any time range.     Wonder why our clients love us so much?


Software & Product Development

Blndspt envisions a world where software engineering could follow a creative path to both heavily leverage strengths and uniqueness of resources, and apply constant training to generate perpetual improvement in engineering skillsets. Our core team has lead architecture in systems as high profile as MySpace, Tinder, Netflix, MasterCard, Southwest Airlines, LinkedIn, and more.

Adding Blndspt’s expertise to your organization will provide the following:

  • Target exact skills needed for your team(s) at the right level
  • Provide experience at a moment’s notice
  • Produce results three to five times faster than offshore counterparts with exponentially higher quality

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation is a core Blndspt service, assisting your organization in getting over hurdles that arise from [common] failed offshore experience, internal team inefficiencies, and stalled strategic product vision. As a company we consider quality, speed, cost, efficiency and communication to be the hallmarks of our success as we regularly provide the extra power that your team requires. Our engineers will integrate with your team and internal processes, rather than replacing them, in order to extend your organizations capabilities in record time.

Adding Blndspt’s resources to existing or new teams can afford countless benefits:

  • Scale up quickly, without the time or need to hire costly full-time resources
  • Reduce cost by eliminating need for investment in internal training and development
  • Employ one resource or an entire team
  • Pick the skills your need, not the ones you don’t

Quality Assurance / Automation

At Blndspt, all of our Quality Assurance employees are true Engineers, not simply analysts. We preach and teach ISTQB QA principles and retain highly skilled and certified automation engineers. By adding QA and automation to your team, you can have high value in an inconceivably short time.

Our resources are trained and certified in automation & development products such as:

  • SoapUI Pro
  • Ready API
  • Telerik Test Products
  • Selenium
  • .NET/CodedUI

Expectations of a Blndspt Engineer

Be Curious

Engineers will rapidly learn and adapt to the client’s working environment, including understanding their specific role and ramping up their skills to meet new challenges.

Be Responsive

Engineers will always be mindful of all client communications and will respond via the client’s preferred channel (email, Slack, etc.). Our engineers are expected to be highly accountable and to respond to clients in real-time.

Be Proactive

Engineers will update clients regularly on work progress, issues, solutions, and outputs. It is the engineer’s duty to contribute wherever possible and to keep the client up-to-date and informed on every aspect of their work.

Be Efficient

Engineers take a passionate interest in accelerating a client’s business and product development. Engineers will close tickets, find bugs, and complete all work with maximum efficiency.

Be Adaptive

Engineers will be available during the client’s preferred hours to meet and work as a true team member. This may require lifestyle adjustments as dictated by client needs and time zone.

Be Reliable

Engineers will establish and maintain a consistent workflow, and give advance notice if unable to work on a given day with a brief explanation and expected return time. Reliability in work and communication must be proven every day.

Be Clear

Engineers must speak and write in clear and concise English and always be double checking their output. In addition to writing and speaking skills, our engineers will work to fully understand the goals and deliver the expected outcome.

Be Exceptional

Engineers are expected to act, think, and contribute to the success of the team. They never make compromises on the quality of their work for the sake of speed or anything else. Blndspt’s technical mantra is “we improve everything we touch.”

Our Partners and Clients

   In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.

– Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut

Computer Scientist and Engineer

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