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Blndpt partners with pulumi creating an iac-powered leviathan

by | Jan 10, 2021 | DevOps, IaC, News, Software

This article announces the partnership of Blndspt Consulting with Pulumi to officially form what we consider to be the best combination of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) mastery in the world. 

In January of 2021, Blndspt Consulting, an Colorado-based software development company known for it’s advanced engineering in cloud automation and IaC advanced skills officially partnered with Pulumi, a new and powerful cloud-agnostic IaC provider.  Having spent years with Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS CDK, Blndspt desired to take Pulumi’s cloud-agnosntic offering a step further with a formal partnership. 

In late 2020, Scott Tate, one of the owner’s of Blndspt and 10 year PluralSight Author, published the advanced course in the AWS CDK learning path they helped conceive.  Click the image below to see the preview.

You Cannot Make IaC 100% Cloud-Agnostic, But You Can Get Close…

While making an IaC implementation combined with an application workload fully cloud-agnostic isn’t 100% possible, you can generalize constructs and resources across all clouds and implement basic code forks where needed.   For example, Azure, AWS, and IBM Cloud all maintain fully managed Kubernetes resources.  In this regard, think of Kubernetes as the general concept around which you can build IaC.  And, ONLY WITH PULUMI can you build this generalized IaC to deploy to all available cloud providers without re-engineering everything.

Why Partner

It’s no secret that Blndspt is experienced building cloud automation.  In that regard, Blndspt desired to partner with the most flexible and cutting-edge IaC vendor out there.  Pulumi has long passed the up and coming status.  As such, a pure partnership with the advanced implementers using the ‘sharpest’ tool out there is a match made in heaven.  

“The combination of these two organizations as partners creates what we consider to be a leviathan in the industry.  A true beast.”  -current Blndspt client

The Sky (or Cloud) is the Limit

While the partnership is still somewhat new, Blndspt has been using Pulumi for over two years in tandem with the AWS CDK.  In fact, Blndspt fully engineered a Python API for the AWS CDK that functions nearly exactly as the newly released Pulumi Python Automation API.   Blndspt and Pulumi plan a long relationship of evangelizing cloud automation as widely as possible.

How can you go wrong with a Penguin and a Platypus working together?




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