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As one of the leading accessibility & remediation experts in the world, we believe accessibility compliance should be incorporated throughout the entire process of the product. People with Vision Impairments, Motor & Cognitive Disabilities, and Deaf or Hard of Hearing are just part of the entire audience we design for.

Accessibility is no longer a luxury, but a 100% legal requirement.   



Blndpst provides a high level evaluation of your site as a courtesy for your business. We will evaluate and test your site against ADA Section 508 standards, and quickly learn about your level of risk. Accessibility issues will be identified, business goals will be reviewed and a tailored solution will be proposed to move you toward compliance. Simply getting started can protect you, when companies are currently in remediation (or even evaluation) the likelihood of legal action is near zero.

  • Evaluate current digital assets against WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 ADA Section 508 standards
  • Discuss risk factors and accessibility gaps
  • Recommend remediation opportunities
  • Understand available value adds (upgrades, changes, improvements)


In addition to identifying accessibility issues, we will help bring your digital content into compliance immediately. Blndspt is skilled in nearly every front-end web technology that generates the “website” and can provide highly skilled remediation engineers in any capacity. Significant architectural improvement is often suggested as part of the remediation effort providing greater value for your investment and ensuring multiple systems can be remediated in parallel. When working with Blndspt, remediation can be a cost-effective solution providing continuous upgrades and improvements.

  • Implement at your pace
  • Integrate with your developers, if desired, to teach them the process and reduce costs
  • Advise on best practices for meeting future accessibility standards
  • Immediately reduce liability risk


We will partner with you to instill a “culture” of accessibility into your organization from developers to business leaders. Our method of helping you change your culture ensures on-going accessibility compliance by giving you the tools to become an accessibility-conscious organization. This future-proofs you from long term risk and ensures that you are committed to providing equal experiences for all.

  • Integrate accessibility standards across your organization
  • Protect your organization from accessibility lawsuits
  • Train your team to be knowledgeable and compliant
  • Build an accessible-minded culture, join the revolution
Nearly 10,000 law suits were filed in 2018

in consideration of inaccessible experiences ADA Title III in nearly every industry. This number is expected to go up in 2019.

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   How many opportunities do we have to dramatically improve people’s lives just by doing our job a little better?

– Steve Krug

User Experience Professional and Author of D0n’t Make Me Think

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