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by | Mar 25, 2020 | Accessibility, Software

This article discusses our experience at CSUN Assistive Tech Conference 2020 and the future of accessibility.

While CSUN 2020 attendance was obviously impacted due to the Corona Virus, the conference had many wonderful contributors. It is inspiring and grounding to be surrounded by so many with the same vision and goals for the future of technology and web design. A gathering of people who understand that accessible design benefits everyone.

Who Says an Assistive Tech Conference Can’t Be Fun?

Who says an assistive tech conference can’t be fun? We’d have to disagree with them. Technology is amazing after all! Some major features at the conference included Blndspt’s accessible photo booth and Vispero’s accessible escape room. 

Blndspt’s Accessible Photo Booth

Using Blndspt software and a standard kiosk, the accessible photo booth was born.  Fully equipped with backdrop, props, and JAWs, hundreds of conference-goers got their selfie game on. Check out our instagram and twitter @blndspt_consult to see some of the fun!

Vispero’s Accessible Escape Room

An accessible escape room seems like a steep task. Turns out its just creative! Vispero’s team worked to create an experience for everyone. Setting up the ‘crime scene’ in a hotel suite, groups of up to 6 had to figure out who committed the crime. We’d tell you more but this accessible escape room is travel friendly.  Look for it at the Denver Acesssibility and Inclusive Design Meetup in the near future. Stop by the Blndpt office to join in on the fun!

CSUN and COVID-19 Have Us Thinking

With more people working from home in the wake of COVID-19, it is clearer than ever that accessible web design is a necessity. First of all, people are approaching their job with technologies they have not used before. If an application or a site isn’t accessible then thousands in the disabled community certainly face even more obstacles to get their work done than current circumstance causes. Seems like companies would want their employees to feel as secure as possible about their ability to get their work done efficiently. Certainly in times like this! Technology and software absolutely need to be accessible for the benefit of everyone using it. Businesses have the opportunity to diminish their overhead fees and capitalize on employee productivity. Working remotely will become even more popular as time passes. Providing web services that are accessible and inclusive is equally important as an elevator or handrail in a physical office. 

So What’s Next?

After attending CSUN Assistive Tech Conference 2020, we are excited to jump into new projects and collaborate with new partners to instill our values and views across the internet.  All of our products are created accessible right ‘out of the box’. Furthermore, we remediate existing sites and create custom software that is inclusive of all users. Everyone deserves the right to utilize the web, Blndspt is here to assist.  

Blndspt’s mission is to create an accessible and inclusive landscape on the internet

Want to try out the photo booth or solve the crime? Become a member of the Denver Accessibility and Inclusive Design Meetup

All updates and schedule changes will be available in the link.

Blndspt Consulting is honored to be the permanent host of The Denver Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup. We want to assist in changing the status quo of web development. Join us monthly for snacks, conversation, and presentations at the meetup and join our A11Y Forum to ask questions and get answers whenever you need. As a company of engineers passionate and knowledgeable about accessibility, we look forward to the opportunity to help raise the bar when it comes to digital inclusion.


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