Part 2: Galvanize Alum, Brian Mann One year after Graduation

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Culture, Software

Located in the heart of the Denver tech scene on Platte Street, Blndspt Consulting is a company comprised of a diverse pool of developers and engineers.

Our office is situated across the street from Galvanize, Inc, a tech school that offers full-time, part-time and online courses in software engineering and data science. As a company who embraces a culture of learning and creative collaboration, Blndspt continually hires new graduates from Galvanize, teaches them how to succeed in a fast-paced, start-up environment, and encourages continued professional development as they grow into seasoned engineers.


We’ve created a 3-part series to showcase our talented engineers and talk about what it is like being a Galvanize graduate.

Whether this is your first professional job or starting a second career, Blndspt encourages all employees to grow and learn as they jump into this exciting industry.


PART 2    |    One year out of Bootcamp


Our next developer, Brian Mann, has been out of school and with Blndspt for just over a year now. Brian spent six months in the Web Development Immersive course at Galvanize and completed it in November of 2017.

Brian was inspired by his wife, a software developer, to take the plunge and change his career. After being in operations for six years and hearing all of the cool things she participated in and the culture of her work, Brian decided to follow in his wife’s footsteps and become a developer.

Q & A

L: What was the program like?

A: “Well, its like a traditional school year but packed into six months. You have four quarters and at the end of each quarter you have a project. At the end of it all you have your final accumulative project. There’s a big focus on self learning because that’s how the software industry is. It’s lenient but structured.”

Like Anh, Brian had to apply, pass interviews, and prove he could problem solve before being accepted into bootcamp. While there are opportunities to work from home or collaborate, there were expectations for attendance and private assignments. No one can slide through the course under the radar.

L: What surprised you about trade school? What was your favorite part?

A: “The member community is so strong there. There’s so much teamwork and people helping each other, it’s great. I think my favorite part was probably how many applications I got to build from the ground up. I didn’t think I’d be able to take something from the idea phase to an actual finished app so many times in just six months.”

Brian learned that with collaboration, diligence and focus, huge projects could be tackled in a seemingly impossible amount of time. He brings this mindset to the office every day as a developer.

L: What is one thing you wish people knew about Galvanize or tech trade schools?

A: “Don’t turn your nose up at trade schools, don’t assume a full four year computer science degree is automatically the best choice for you. I think the independence and real world preparation I got at Galvanize was as important as the software knowledge I learned. The software field is constantly updating and developers need to be able to stay on top of that without going back to school. I think Blndspt is so unique because we’re not afraid to take a chance on newer developers or people with different software backgrounds….we find those developers that are independent but team players. It’s awesome.”


Stay tuned for Part 3 coming out July 19, 2019.

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  1. Jon Cornwell

    I like Brians point of:

    “Don’t turn your nose up at trade schools, don’t assume a full four year computer science degree is automatically the best choice for you.”

    Because I certainly had my doubts about bootcamp graduates until I started working with a few of them at BlndSpt. Brian has been a great developer to work with and an awesome asset to our team!

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