Part 3: Galvanize Alumni, Brandon Thornton 4 years later

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Culture, Software

Located in the heart of the Denver tech scene on Platte Street, Blndspt Consulting is a company comprised of a diverse pool of developers and engineers.

Our office is situated across the street from Galvanize, Inc, a tech school that offers full-time, part-time and online courses in software engineering and data science. As a company who embraces a culture of learning and creative collaboration, Blndspt continually hires new graduates from Galvanize, teaches them how to succeed in a fast-paced, start-up environment, and encourages continued professional development as they grow into seasoned engineers.


We’ve created a 3-part series to showcase our talented engineers and talk about what it is like being a Galvanize graduate.

Whether this is your first professional job or starting a second career, Blndspt encourages all employees to grow and learn as they jump into this exciting industry.


PART 3   |    4 Years After Bootcamp


Finishing out our series is Brandon Thornton, a 2015 Galvanize graduate who started with Blndspt shortly thereafter. His cohort was the first to do what was once labeled the MEAN stack (mongo, express,angular, node), which later developed into the web immersive.

A young 21 year old looking at the vast possibilities for the future, Brandon’s neighbor who taught at Galvanize and his good friend who had attended both spoke very highly of the bootcamp. After realizing that all of his potential careers would be going towards digital, Brandon decided to start the application process.

Q & A

L: So, what is a tech trade school like?

A: “Well, you’re there 9-5, Monday to Friday, plus outside hours. But, hey, there was a keg in my classroom so I can’t complain. I think they stopped that, though.”

To be accepted into trade school, Brandon had to send in a piece of problem-solving code and pass interviews. He was a last minute entry so he started behind the ball. Why didn’t he just wait for the next application season? Easy, he was more than ready for a challenge.

L: What was the best part of bootcamp?

A: “Honestly, that I got a job coming out of it. It’s awesome that companies like Blndspt hire from different sorts of educational backgrounds. Its also a great place to grow a community to help you grow in your development”

Both a four year degree or a six month trade school will teach you how to develop software, but both of them will prepare you for the real life software industry in slightly different ways. As all of our Galvanize grads have stressed, you come out of bootcamp knowing how to learn and how to teach yourself in a timely manner. In the continuous growth and change of the tech world, that is a valuable skill to have.

L: What is one thing you wish people knew about trade school?

A: “I was the youngest person in my cohort, I think even in the whole bootcamp. It was a lot of older people that were in a career change that didn’t have four years’ time to go back to school, it wasn’t kids my age choosing their first career. Experience is so valuable in the tech world that I wish other kids fresh out of high school maybe thought of something like trade school rather than just jumping into college. It might save them time and get them into the professional experience world a lot faster.”



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